“The Melted Ice”

( School -Bell rings , Masterji comes in )

All students : Good-morning sir !
Masterji : Good-morning all of you !

Masterji : Kids ,Today I will tell you a story .

Pinku : But sir, I don’t want to hear story .

Masterji : Okay Pinku , you can do your work.

So kids , once there were two men carrying ice on their cycles in a sunny day .
The one man called John was having a big block of ice weighed 10 kg while the other man Peter was having 10 kg of ice in form of small cubes …

Raju : To whom were they both going sir?

Masterji : They both were delivering this ice to a Big ice-cream parlour owner.
As the day was hot, the ice began to melt. But both managed to reach to the shop.
There, they found a guy Robert on a bike, carrying ice similar to them . Robert reached the shop before John and Peter.

Raju : But sir what’s the point of all this ?

Masterji : Wait Raju ! You’ll know very soon.

That ice was resembling the education we get in school and colleges

Raju : How sir ?

Masterji : As we can see , Peter was having little cubes of ice . His ice got melted in the way. He got nearly nothing left with him to give to owner.
Just like we study many different subjects and topics like history , arts , science , Sanskrit , languages , biology , commerce , Maths , Mechanical , Algebra etc in school and colleges but we merely remember them after the exam .
And we forget most of the details and left with not at least one good strong topic awareness.

Raju : And what about John sir ?

As John was having a Big block of ice , his ice didn’t vanish completely . He was having a fare amount of ice left with him. Which he can give to the owner .

Just like studying a specific subject detailed , we remember most of it. And it stays with us for a long time . We remember it for a long time.

Shruti : So sir , it means that John’s decision to carry block of ice ( to take education in particular subject) was better than Peter’s decision to carry ice cubes ( different subjects and less knowledge in each ) ?
Is that so ?

Masterji : Not really Shruti !!

The small ice cubes helped Peter to make his journey more comfortable as he used those cubes to remove his thirstiness in the hot Sunny day.

Shruti : Like someone with knowledge of many subjects can takle many different situations in their lives.

Masterji : Right Shruti !

Raju : Then sir ! Who was better ?

Masterji : Both were equally good Raju.

Peter had no more difficulties during his journey but in result he couldn’t get that much salary from the owner for his little ice.
Whereas John ,who did suffered difficulties with thirst got paid higher because of his fare amount of ice .

Lakhan : And what about that Robert fella sir ? Who was on the bike !

Masterji : Glad you asked Lakhan !

Robert was having bike so he delivered his ice way faster than John and Peter, who were having only cycles.
or it simple means that he was having good education environment , smart classes and ways of fast learning in his school , so he raised his money rapidly from the owner .

Raju : And who was that ice-cream parlour’s owner sir?

Masterji : That ice-cream parlour owner was representing any big company manager or incharge who seek students to work in their company ( buy ice to make ice-cream)

Raju : Sir , what’s the overall conclusion or moral of this story?

Masterji : This story teaches that there are many ways to reach your destination .
It’s upto us which way we want . No one is less or more better than another.

( suddenly the School-Bell rings and its time for Recess )

All students : Thank you sir !
( Masterji went )

Raju to Pinku : Hey dude ! What were you doing ?
Masterji told us a very good story about different ways of getting education.

Pinku : Didn’t he tell about Entrepreneur !

Thank you for reading .


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