Case Of Speechlessness

Speech is the ability to express thoughts and feelings by articulate sounds.

Speechless would be the negative of speech i.e.  Inability to express thoughts and feelings by fluent arrangement of sounds.

So , Speechlessness is the state of one being speechless.

 Now the question arises ;

  What causes Speechlessness?

Let’s understand this by taking help of Physics.

   First , consider words in a speech to be like charges . Each word represent a charge in an electric circuit.

So , what happens when charges combines and start to flow ? Well , it produces current !

Similarly , when words combines and starts to flow , it will resemble a speech , i.e. Speech is nothing but flow of words the way similar as current is nothing but flow of charges.

  So here from above discussion , we can say that  Current resembles Speech !

Now , according to famous Ohm’s Law : ”  A current will be produced in a conductor when its ends are at different potentials. “

 Back to the question : What causes speechlessness?

 CASE 1:

 Now , when there are two minds which are at different potentials , there could be a conversation between them.

// Potential resembles the amount of information in ones mind.

// Conversation is the flow of speech alternatively , like Ac ( alternating current) .

// Conductor is the environment inside which the two minds are placed and can have a conversation.

Now , what if there is no potential difference between the two ends of a conductor?

Certainly , No current would be flown inside the conductor.

Similarly , if the two minds are at same potentials , there would occur no conversation between them.

Like for example : Siphon system , in which there can be achieved a flow from water at higher potential to water at lower potential.

It simply means that when there are two minds having different thoughts / information , they can always exchange that information to each other. But , if there is same information in both the minds ,  there would be nothing to be exchanged which ultimately causes Speechlessness.

#Note : Some people might be thinking that there are many situations where there is surely a difference in thoughts and potential between two minds but there is no conversation occurs between them . Like for example two strangers crossing a road won’t really talk . But why?

Because , there is also an option of switch like a switch in an electrical circuit.


What happens when there is a huge potential difference around a thin wire ?

The thin wire will act as a fuse , so when high potential is applied across its ends , it will eventually break which will cause no current to be flown.

It means that when two minds having high potential difference i.e.  if they have huge amount of dissimilar information , there can be a lack of conversation between them.

   So  , when you have too much to say or too much in your mind but you decide to quit to say because of lacking of medium to say it . Like when you don’t know how to express also causes Speechlessness.

Here , the wire ( conductor) resembles the environment and the thickness of wire resembles the medium of communication ( like the language ) . The thin wire or the lack in knowledge of your language don’t let such huge current or the thoughts / information to flow from it.

Thank you for Reading!


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