Do You Know Everything?

Our “MIND” is like a  ‘ A train of information running on a track of time. ‘

Our mind is like a train which is loaded with all sorts of information and this information is changing with time.

Which means that our mind is continuously gaining and loosing information  simultaneously as the time goes on.

The Observer is sitting in the train and can travel through the train but cannot look outside world through the windows.

What I mean by this is , Our conscious mind ( observer ) can access this information ( travel through train ) but isn’t aware of the information he doesn’t possess ( outside world )  .

The observer can never reach the last compartment of the train as it is moving .

Which means that our conscious mind can never think of a thought after which no further thought begins to be thought.

in simple language , Our conscious mind can never stop thinking.

Now , if the observer can’t never reach the ends of the train then does this means that the train is infinitely big ?

Or simple , does this mean that we know the every information present ?

The answer is Yes and No !

 Case : Yes , when the observer is sitting inside the train.

Which means that at every instance of time , We know Everything !

This can be understood by taking an example :

Let’s consider a well inside which there lives a frog.

Now , this frog can never jump outside this well.  So the frog’s mind will consider the whole world to be that well. As he never get along with the outside world.

Similarly , We can never know what we don’t know.  Or we only know what we know. That’s how We know everything !

Like for another example : We can never know a secret !  Because , it will not remain a secret when we get to know about it . These quantities of pieces of information can be termed as Unknown Unknowns.

Similar case can be applied for the Thought of existence. We can never know what is not existed.  Again , We can not have visuals of what we have not seen !

Case : No , when the observer is sitting outside the train . Like for example in a helicopter flying above the train .

 So when , he will be observing through the helicopter , he will be able to see the other information outside that train too . Now , when he will be seeing another piece of information outside that train . It will be obvious that the train is not having all the information inside it as there resides information outside this train also.

So , We don’t know Everything when the perspective changes.

NOTE: The observer can never leave its Train.

Thank you for Reading ! 


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